Terry Hayden Saltwater Reel - Care and Maintenance

Spool & Frame Finish

 The Military Grade, Type III Hard Anodizing is extremely corrosion resistant and as a result, the reel requires only a rinse in fresh water after exposure to saltwater to protect it. It can be immersed in warm soapy water to dissolve any salt buildup, which may be in the reel, but this process is unnecessary as the Anodizing process eliminates the need. Anti-corrosive products such as spray polishes, and oils etc. are not required, but may preserve the long-term aesthetics of the reel.

High quality grease, such as Cal's 2 Speed, should be applied to:

  • Both pawls where they contact the teeth of the drag plate
  • The threads on the draw bar
  • The spindle where it contacts the bearings within the spool

Drag Surface

Cork drags perform best and last longest if they are kept lubricated; we prefer a thin film of Cal's 2 Speed Universal Reel & Star Drag Grease. Check the cork surface regularly and lubricate before it dries out. A cork which has dried out loses elasticity and becomes less capable of performing fine adjustments.

Removing the Spool
Tools Required: A nickel or quarter.

Remove the drag knob screw from the center of the drag knob by turning it clockwise (reverse thread). Turn the drag knob off in the standard counter clockwise direction. Turn the reel over and pull the draw bar out, then remove the spool from the frame.

Reversing the Retrieve
Follow procedure above for removing the spool. The geared drag plate pulls out with no tools necessary. To reassemble, place the drag plate over the spindle and on top of the pawls. For right-hand retrieve, turn the drag plate clockwise while pushing it down towards the frame until both pawls click into place against the teeth of the drag plate. The procedure for left-hand retrieve is identical, except that you must turn the drag plate counter clockwise as you push it down onto the pawls. Replace the spool on the spindle and reverse the disassembly procedure above, keeping in mind that the drag knob screw tightens counter clockwise.